YOU & ME = Perfect Chemistry


Our corporate culture encompasses the following values:

  • Quality in everything we do
  • Service and customer support
  • Our commitment to create value
  • Loyalty
  • Team work
  • We foster respect among all our stakeholders
  • Our full commitment for the protection and preservation of the environment


Become your most trusted partner in Mexico and abroad driven by our high-quality products, competitive pricing and unsurpassable service. This is our “reason to be” rooted in universal principles and values as well as social responsibility criteria and ecological conscience.


Become a global leader in the Surfactant Industry establishing ourselves as a “Big Business”. In addition, be recognized as a growth model for “small businesses”.


HARMONY CHEM always ensures to safeguard corporate best practices, because of this, it has implemented a certified quality control system (ISO 9001) that enables us to have the appropriate mechanisms of quality control to evaluate our products and services, as well as, identifying and developing continuous improvement initiatives.

Our commitment is with safety, workplace health and ecological conscience. Hence, our focus in reducing our water consumption, emissions and waste disposal.

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